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So how do you even spell the letter W?



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Stuff II: Part V

I went to the middle half of PAX Prime! Yay, me!
I came back with a bunch of free stuff and a 2x2 Rubik’s cube which was also free and is PAX-branded.
The coolest thing that I got, however, was not free. It cost a flat $50, and was worth every penny (also, the $5 tax.).

I got the D&D 5E Player’s Handbook! (play Legend of Zelda item-get noise)

I like the system a lot, but I have pages and pages of blogpost to say about that, and I haven’t the patience to record my thoughts.

Since the last “Stuff” had a list of games that I had been playing, here’s another one!

  • Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (stealth FPS)
  • Minecraft (on my local server)
  • Delver (it got updated)

And some short thoughts on each.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is so much unlike the previous games in the series that I don’t think it should be classified as such. It’s basically a stealth FPS where you collect bounties to fund a mysterious surgery.
However, after about two-thirds of the game, the story REALLY kicks off, and that moment is why the game is good for me. I’d really rather not spoil any of it, so if you want to find it out, go and get it on Steam and play it. It’s not that long (I finished it in maybe 15 hours? I don’t quite know) and the gameplay isn’t bad at all, really.

Minecraft… well, everybody knows Minecraft. I got a friend to play for a little while with me, and we had a lot of fun.

I already talked about Delver (see Stuff I), but it got updated with a new leveling system and shields + lanterns. It’s a really cool game, and every update fundamentally changes something and makes the game worth finishing again.

Thanks for reading!

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C++ Panda Tycoon

I’ve been reading about C++ recently for some reason, and decided that the much-wanted sequel* (wanted by my parents, that is) was long overdue.

So here it is! C++ Panda Tycoon, the glorious game about destroying the panda species!

You play as a zoo manager, and make money by buying pandas and going on tour.

The game is played via MS-DOS console, and will only take up 72 KB of your hard-drive space. It  can be downloaded here.

Since those on my blog are precious followers, here are some insider tips on the game… but they’re all just little easter-eggs in the code. They’re sort of spoilers, so don’t look until you’ve finished the game.

If you get an error, please submit it via my ask box, because I want people to play the game.

Known bug: When buying lots of petting zoo, sometimes the game crashes. Fix: Try not to say “buy petting buy petting buy petting” or anything like that.

Here they are: the hidden commands, not even shown in the game.

>write >Elbereth

You’re welcome!
Thank you very much for trying out the game!

Also, I’m afraid that the original game is not accessible due to intense decompilation and rust and I don’t know how to make it into a .exe.


EDIT: so it turns out that I compiled it wrong and you’ll need to have Visual Studio 2010 Express actually on your computer. If you want to… *shrug*

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Stuff I*

*I hope to number these kinds of posts in Roman numerals.

This is kind of an update on things that I can remember that happened, so it’s by no means comprehensive.

First of all, I got Gunpoint while it was on sale. It’s a stealth puzzle game, but I’ve only just now sat down to play it, so I can’t say much about it other than that I was actually following it during development, so that’s kind of neat, I guess!

Second! I went through the top rated Morrowind mods on Planet Elder Scrolls and installed the ones that I liked the idea of, so I’m playing through a very interesting Morrowind, with rank-related services, parrying weapons and other such changes, although those are the most remarkable by far.

Third! Nothing else. I might even do these regularly-ish!

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My math teacher called me average.

How mean.

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Video games that I have been playing + small update:

Here’s a list of the video games that I’ve played most often over the past month or so!

  • StarCraft: Brood War (1998 RTS game)
  • Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos (2002 RTS game)
  • Command & Conquer: Generals (2003 RTS game)
  • Delver (I finished it!)
  • OpenArena (ancient Quake 3 clone

…and small reviews of each!

StarCraft: Brood War is the expansion pack to the original StarCraft, released in the same year. It adds a few new units and a new campaign mode to the game, which was already a fantastic real-time strategy game. It takes place in a fictional representation of the future, and depicts intrigue in a setting inhabited by three predominant races: the Terrans, closest to humans; the Protoss, religious psychic guys; and the Zerg, most easily likened to Gyger’s 1979 Aliens.
It was revolutionary for its three completely different styles of play and for its expansion on its predecessors, Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, and Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness. It also made an impact on…

Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, a real-time strategy game which expands yet again on Blizzard’s RTS formula by adding on a clump of action RPG elements in, via the Hero mechanic. It takes place in a fantasy rendition of the Middle Ages, and has four races instead of three: the Humans, the Orcs, the Undead, and the Night Elves. Its mechanics borrow from StarCraft’s races, making it a little bit like if one stuck StarCraft in a blender and made it 3D. However, the 3D is REALLY nice, especially for 2002! The cinematics rival present-day CGI in quality, and the story is really good!

Command & Conquer: Generals is the seventh installment in the C&C series, which started in 1995. It also has faction-based gameplay (hmm… seeing a pattern in good RTS games?), but happens in the real-life modern day, with a few fantastical elements. The factions are the USA, China, and the GLA (which my father says stands for Global Liberation… jerks), which are all as absurdly silly and biased as one might expect (I don’t really know any ESL Chinese people, but I think that they actually CAN speak English… like, at all…), which reaches its peak at the GLA, who are terrorists. Just plain terrorists, right down to the bulk suicide bombers. I don’t really think that anybody could get away with this nowadays… but anyway, the game! Erm. Well, I haven’t ACTUALLY played the game too much. I’ve only played as the USA for the practice mission, and only played the first 2 China campaign missions, and not even played as the GLA… it’ll come in time.

Delver is an alpha-stage indie game on Steam Early Access which is a first-person roguelike in which you must retrieve the Yithidian Orb from a 7-level-deep dungeon. This is a rather difficult task, accentuated by the ascending difficulty as you move carefully down through the labyrinth, slay the Lich who guards the Orb, the rush back upwards as the high-level enemies who populated the 7th level begin to spread throughout the dungeon. It’s really a very good game, especially for Early Access, and has some really nice pixel art graphics. I recommend it, especially at its low price of $8.

Finally, OpenArena, as advertised, is just a Quake 3 clone, so I suppose that I’m really reviewing Q3. It’s a FPS, simple as that. It occurs in a vaguely science-fiction setting, and has literally no plot. I’m only in it to rocket-jump pirouette onto some poor guy’s head and then do the same thing over and over. Yeah, it’s in the “rocket jump, yippee!” vein of FPS as opposed to “gritty, modern FPS with teh 9-year-olds”. Really, it’s good fun, and I recommend it, especially at its low price of… what’s that? It’s completely free and open-source? Cool!

So… about the “update”. Well, nothing much has happened recently. I’ve been eating oatmeal a lot more recently, and my grandfather’s just left for his home in Ontario. My birthday’s coming up on May 31st, and I’ve been researching StarCraft 2 as my father looks up how violent it is and talks over it with my mother. My views on the affair are not to be shared, as they both read this blog.
I’ve also started to read R.A. Salvatore’s Drizzt Do’Urden series of novels, which are quite good, and set in the Forgotten Realms universe, a Dungeons & Dragons setting which brings me to another rekindled interest (other than oatmeal): D&D! It’s fun! I DM for my parents every weekend, and yeah, it’s good fun!

In conclusion, I’ve been doing exactly the same thing as usual: nothing. I hope that I post another one of these kinds of things soonish… good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and goodnight, everybody!

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so my mom had this cyst on her ovary her freshman year of college so she got surgery to get it removed and after they removed it thERE WAS LIKE TEETH AND HAIR AND MISCELLANEOUS BONES IN IT AND THEY TOLD HER SHE ABSORBED HER TWIN IN THE WOMB and that’s why i’m scared of my mom

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So, a goose wanders into a goose clinic. He is sneezing violently.
Once he gets a doctor, the doctor tells him that he’s…
(dons sunglasses)

DOWN with the cold.”

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generic brand

no no you don’t understand

in canada

this is an actual thing

Okay, a) America/other places don’t have this? WHAAAT?

and b)

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It’s just occurred to me that everything that I’ve “promised” to do on this blog recently has all but stopped.
New Monsters: Stopped after the first two weeks
Adventures: Didn’t even start

Oh well.

As an update on what I’m doing in life: I bought the Pathfinder Core Rulebook + Bestiary a few weeks ago.

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